"Glen worked with me and my junior partner. He helped us lay out a path for huge growth. While skeptical, I followed the path we charted. Three years later we had twenty-five investment listings in our pipeline and met every goal we set. It worked."

Chad B.
Denver, CO

Liberating performance in organizations, teams and individuals.

At Esnard Advisors we believe that the potential for extraordinary performance resides in every individual, team and organization. This belief is based on hands-on experience in building, leading, advising and coaching groups to quantum performance improvement.

This is what we do. We work with organizations, practices, teams and individuals who have experienced success, but realize that the potential for far greater accomplishment exists. We use proven, time-tested approaches combined with "been there, done that" experience to liberate that potential and make extraordinary performance a reality.

A sample of our programs:

Effective Organizational & Systems Change

Change is difficult in any environment, none more so than the real estate services industry. Culture, tradition and the independent nature of many professionals make change acutely challenging, particularly when it includes a shift in how business is done or implementation of a shared information system such as CRM or contact management platforms.

We have led or advised on some of the most successful shared information implementations in the industry, in one case experiencing a 97% adoption rate over 65 markets within 24 months. Our deep understanding of the industry, strong leadership and advisory experience and effective change management competencies allow us to reduce risk and dramatically increase the likelihood of successful implementation.

Building Market Dominant Teams

Teams and partnerships have been with us for years. Yet, even today, some become truly market dominant and others become little more than the sum of their parts, or, worse, less than the sum. There are clear elements that drive success and others that erode success. The challenge is to design team goals, structure, resources and systems to ensure a value laden, high performance outcome that fulfills the potential that resides within.

Our approach is flexible and designed around what works for a particular market, client set and team. It ensures an outcome of higher customer service levels, higher productivity and efficiency, far greater employee satisfaction which all lead to profound growth in revenue and profit.

Transformational Servant Leadership Development

Do you want leaders capable of driving a 40% individual performance improvement in followers? Or do you want to develop that level of leadership performance in yourself? Recent empirical studies have identified a specific and unique ambidextrous leadership style, "transformational servant leadership", which delivers such performance. Consider the impact to company top line performance, bottom line performance and employee retention if managers are skilled transformational servant leaders? Our executive coaching style of leadership development allows managers to understand the distinctions, engage the practices and fully adopt the skills to deliver this performance and fulfill their true potential.