"We have a large complex team, with multiple disciplines. Glen helped us assess our people and our markets and helped us develop a new structure and processes. Today we are more aligned, more focused, more productive and dramatically growing our business. Our revenues have grown significantly every year since completing our work with Glen." "

Don A.
Cushman & Wakefield
Nashville, TN


GLEN ESNARD has a history of creating, developing, coaching and leading successful service organizations, teams and professionals. He brings real-world experience, success and credibility as a senior leader in both regional and global service firms. That experience is underpinned and enhanced through rigorous academic studies, research and experiential learning in how groups and individuals perform, change and learn.

Glen is a past president of the US branch of a global real estate firm, led a multi-faceted national capital markets division and conceived and developed one of the fastest-growing real estate groups in the industry. He has personally coached and developed over 100 brokerage teams and, early in his career, created his own top-tier brokerage practice.

Glen is also a Managing Principal at 20-20 Foresight (www.2020-4.com), a national executive search firm that specializes in real estate, financial services and service industries.

Glen has a Master's Degree from Northwestern University in Learning and Organizational Change. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science degree in International Finance and Marketing and has engaged in post–graduate studies in strategy development and execution at Stanford University.